Sunday, September 19, 2010

Working my way through the preseason tasks before the program actually begins tomorrow. I have prepared myself in many ways over the last week, walking each weekday morning, cutting out almost all added sugar and cutting back on the starchy carbohydrates. I'm pretty sure I have lost a few kilograms this week. I bought a set of scales and weighed myself Thursday and I weighed pretty much what I thought I would.

I have just made a commitment to my partner, myself and Michelle on the forum. This is my commitment:

My commitment is to make my health and fitness a priority in my life and to create the lifestyle that is required to stay fit, strong and healthy for the rest of my life.

I am committed to doing what ever it takes to reach my fitness and weightloss goals.

I will push myself a little harder each time I exercise and I will make good choices in the food that I eat.

I am committed to following the twelve week body transformation program using the resources that you have provided in a way that works best for me.

I am committed to losing 17.5kg on the 12WBT and am prepared to do what ever it takes to get there

And I am committed.....

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another pre-season task down...focusing on my goals and how I plan to achieve them.

1 month goal

To lose 6kg
To be able to jog for 15 minutes without stopping
To no longer have cravings for sugary or fatty foods
To have consumed no more than 36000 calories in food throughout the month

How I will get there

By exercising 6 days a week
By doing weights 3 days a week.
By walking/jogging 5 days a week.
By stay focused on my goals.
By following the 12wbt program
By eliminating added sugar from my diet
By Limiting fat intake to 30g a day with no fast food
Making sure I eat a balanced diet, cutting back on starchy carbohydrates
By keeping track of food intake in calories
Share my thoughts, experiences and challenges on my blog and the 12wbt forums

3 month goals

To have lost 17.5 kg
To be able to jog for half an hour without stopping
To have heaps of energy and not feel tired all the time
Be the fittest I have ever been

How I will get there

By following all tasks in the 12wbt
By continuing to exercising 6 days a week
By continuing to do weights 3 days a week.
By jogging 5 days a week.
By stay focused on my goals.
By continuing to eat a balanced, healthy diet limiting sugar, fat, starchy carbohydrates and processed foods
Share my thoughts, experiences and challenges on my blog and the 12wbt forums

6 month goals

To have lost 35 kg and be at my goal weight
To feel fit and strong
To be able to jog for one hour without stopping

How I will get there

Exercising five days a week
Eating a healthy balanced diet

12 month goals

To have maintained my weight loss for six months
To feel as though exercising and eating right comes naturally to me

How I will get there

Check my weight fortnightly to make sure that my exercise balances out with my food intake.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Changing My Thinking

This 'Pre-season' task isn't something you can do in a rush!

Internal Excuses

Too tired, too sore

I don’t have the time

Its not a priority

It will make me tired

Such a long day at work, i deserve a rest

Life is hard lately...I deserve a treat

There’s no point only going for 20 minutes –

I’m having a bad day, i deserve a treat, something nice to eat


I’ll have more energy if I exercise regularly and eat right. Do exercise in the morning rather than after work

Need to make it part of routine.

Make it a priority that everything else works around.

Reward myself with something positive instead of food – nice bath, rest with a book, cup of tea, buy a magazine

How about treating myself to looking and feeling good and proud myself

Every bit helps..20 minutes is better than nothing

Exercise first thing in the morning so i don’t have time to think up any excuses

External Excuses (within my control)

There’s nothing healthy to buy for lunch

The weather is bad

Im craving sugar

My partner is eating something unhealthy for dinner

Stayed up too late


Bring my own lunch so I don’t get tempted

Have some fruit, snack on healthy food instead of sugary foods. If I limit sugar I wont crave it

Wear a wet weather jacket

We can still cook and eat together....just be creative.. have some of that sauce on my vegetable stirfry

Make sure I go to bed at a reasonable time

External Excuses (outside of control)

I’m sick, insomnia, depressed


Try some gentle exercise.

If my body exercises and isn’t high on sugar and caffeine I should sleep better.

Exercise fights something...anything.

This year I have transformed so many aspects of my life. Changed jobs, moved house, new relationship and have overcome several health issues. Things are going great in so many areas and I really feel like my life is finally on the path that I am meant to take. But with so many changes also came a lot of stress, uncertainty, sorrow and EMOTIONAL EATING!

I had lost about 15kg a year ago and have put that all back on plus more. At this point I think I have about 30kg to lose, but I haven't weighed myself in about two months, so it could be more. I turn 35 in about 8 weeks and I wan't to really feel as though I am control of my life by then. It is quite disheartening when I think that this is still such a struggle for me at this age. Having a healthy diet and exercising regularly shouldn't be that hard. And once I get into a routine it really isn't all that hard. But then those old habits slip back in and I inevitably gain the weight I lost plus more.

I weigh the most I have ever weighed and yes I have had a lot of challenges thrown my way over the years, but I have made it through them all and I'm proud of the inner strength that has got me to the place I am in today. So even though I feel pretty yucky physically at the moment, I know I have it in me to take back control and really start looking after myself.

I think the 12 week program will be a great start and I know that reading about everyone else's journey will really help me stay positive and focused.