Monday, September 13, 2010

Changing My Thinking

This 'Pre-season' task isn't something you can do in a rush!

Internal Excuses

Too tired, too sore

I don’t have the time

Its not a priority

It will make me tired

Such a long day at work, i deserve a rest

Life is hard lately...I deserve a treat

There’s no point only going for 20 minutes –

I’m having a bad day, i deserve a treat, something nice to eat


I’ll have more energy if I exercise regularly and eat right. Do exercise in the morning rather than after work

Need to make it part of routine.

Make it a priority that everything else works around.

Reward myself with something positive instead of food – nice bath, rest with a book, cup of tea, buy a magazine

How about treating myself to looking and feeling good and proud myself

Every bit helps..20 minutes is better than nothing

Exercise first thing in the morning so i don’t have time to think up any excuses

External Excuses (within my control)

There’s nothing healthy to buy for lunch

The weather is bad

Im craving sugar

My partner is eating something unhealthy for dinner

Stayed up too late


Bring my own lunch so I don’t get tempted

Have some fruit, snack on healthy food instead of sugary foods. If I limit sugar I wont crave it

Wear a wet weather jacket

We can still cook and eat together....just be creative.. have some of that sauce on my vegetable stirfry

Make sure I go to bed at a reasonable time

External Excuses (outside of control)

I’m sick, insomnia, depressed


Try some gentle exercise.

If my body exercises and isn’t high on sugar and caffeine I should sleep better.

Exercise fights something...anything.

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